Cadalys Data Archive™

Deploy to Heroku

Cadalys Data Archive™ is a powerful data archiving application enabling enterprises to archive older unused data out of Salesforce® and into Heroku™ where it can be viewed read-only.

The solution is built on the Salesforce and Heroku platforms. The UI is implemented on the Salesforce side, and provides robust and customizable archiving rules for standard and custom objects including attachments. Administrators can specify the child records that are automatically archived with their parents. Archived Salesforce data are retained in a Heroku Postgres SQL database. Heroku Connect is used for bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Heroku. Heroku External Objects are used to provide the access to archived data from Salesforce, while Salesforce Connect displays them in the Salesforce UI. A Salesforce widget enables users to search archived data from within Salesforce, and is implemented using the PostgreSQL full text search engine.

Deploy to Heroku
Deploy Salesforce Components

Optimize Storage and Improve Report Performance

by archiving old and unused data out of Salesforce and into Heroku.

Set Up Flexible Archiving Rules

using advanced filter logic for standard objects, custom objects and attachments.

Set Criteria for Child Records

to prevent orphaned data and to retain all information about archived records.

View and Search for Archived Records

in Salesforce using specialized widgets.

Unarchive Records

if needed back in Salesforce for editing or reporting.

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